Sunday, June 04, 2006

Very Assuring

Fancy some breezy jangly indie pop that will make you jig without realising it and the fact that it comes from a new band that don't sound like Hard-Fi in anyway (I believe Hard-Fi are now being labelled Chav-Rock or something, so if anythings going to put you off them its probably that tag) or indeed most new bands from Britain who are currently intent on becoming the next Arctic Monkeys for the most part at least, these guys take influence from the likes of Belle & Sebastian (all the time) and The Cure (when they do jangly and upbeat) mix it with a smidgen of that Monkey sound just so they sound different but still relevant to today's scene, they are The More Assured, they are unsigned (why?), they have had a small amount of press (although the first I actually heard of them was thanks to Sarah my MySpace and Last.FM friend) so far and they are excellent. Finally you can check out and download more then the usual amount of songs from their MySpace and MySpace 2!

The More Assured-All In Your Head
The More Assured-These Golden Rules

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Tony said...

Hey jimthething, nice entry. Sarah introduced me to these guys too. You've summed them up very well!