Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tops in Moose Jaw

So it's last Thursday evening in the sleepy town of Moose Jaw and I have a bit of a dilemma. I can either a) park my arse on the pavement down Main St. and watch the 'Hometown Parade' or b) I can go the The Elks (aka Elkz :P tiniest venue ever) and see a show with 4 local(ish) acts. No brainer: music above all else. I arrive when the doors open and pay 6 bones to get in. It's an all ages show, and I'm not even joking about 'all ages.' Indie teens in their skinny jeans and parents toting around their little tots and even Grampa showed up. There were 4 acts, but I'm really only gonna comment on one. The highlight of the night (for me, anyways) was Go Jeff!!!. There wasn't a point during their 4 song set that I wasn't smiling. Go Jeff!!! are: Dylan Nash (guitar/vox), Kate Mcwilliams (bass/vox), Tallguy (Skyler? ... guitar/vox), and Blair Colwell (drums). Being a 'co-ed' band, Go Jeff!!! would probably draw easy comparisons to Be Your Own PET, The Subways, or Yeah Yeah Yeahs. But I'd wager my right foot (provided re-attachment were possible) that Kate would own Charlotte Cooper in a bass strutting competition. Twas incredibly high engery throughout the set. Tallguy's spontaneous leaps threatened to have him put through the roof, while Blair, their matchstick sized drummer pounded away like his kit had personally offended him. Not only were the tunes pure indie garage rock, but their antics were highly amusing as well. 'That's A Neat Disco Ball!' suddenly deteriorated into Third Eye Blind's 'Semi-Charmed Life.' And during another tune ('The Doesn't Rhyme With Gibbard...' I believe it was...) Dylan and Tallguy felt the need for a costume change and passed off their guitars to members of the other acts (The Coast and Captain) while they dashed to the mens. Dylan came back in Tallguy's shirt and Tallguy came back in an odd tee and boxers. Gimmicky or no, it were highly entertaining. Anitics + great rock = fucking brilliant Moose Juice indie.

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