Tuesday, June 06, 2006

C'est Bon

Well it is good it is the music of Cate Le Bon possibly Wales' answer to Cat Power depending on what the qustion was in the first place heres a bit about her from her MySpace "Cate Le bon is a female singer song writer currently residing in Cardiff, WALES. who has recently paid an army to pull her finger from her arse and get some music done. She writes songs in both english and y gymraeg about stuff.She hardly talks between songs. Never looks at the crowd. That is presuming there is a crowd. Lets say for arguments sake that there is. She can also be found playing the keys like a monkey and singing with the magnificent Richard James. His fingerpicking is dynamite mate.I shit you not. Recording a welsh ep and a bilingual album are next on her to do list." Also I would say if you are a fan of Nick Drake (particularly Five Leaves Left) her sound does remind me slightly of his music, its some good folk, the soundtrack to nature if you will, take On Mountains for example it deserves to be heard from mountain tops, so its some good stuff (it featured on the Radio 1 Unsigned Podcast a few weeks back alongside Stars Of Aviation). On another note my radio show went pretty well considering it was my thirteenth and on the 6/6/6 day the tracklisting can be found here but if you want to hear it without knowing what I played just click open on these links for the 1st hour and 2nd hour. Finally I got a message from The More Assured saying "thank you for the superreviewpostanablog!" which was cool.

Cate Le Bon-On Mountains

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Tim Young said...

Hey Jim, If you fancy it my band 'cut' are playing up in London on Saturday. You safe cos it's after the football! Hope to hear you on the CP again too. Tim