Thursday, June 01, 2006

Party like its...

Its not often you find a band who not only are named after the year of your birth but also actually being quite good, well some more brousing on Channel 4's SlashMusic site led me to these guys called well 1985 (reasonably obviously) and they have a pretty tight sound highly influenced by Grunge bands like Soundgarden but with also a hint of 70s Rock yeah they are pretty retro sounding but its still a good sound, take Roulette for example it starts of almost sounding like James Dean Bradfield performing a Nirvana b-side till it hits the minute mark and some Thin Lizzy style guitars kick in, its all performed with prescision and was enough to grab my attention and post about. Go find some more of their songs on their MySpace page. In other news I've finished my exams for this year (woooo) and X-Men 3 wasn't as good as I thought it would be although Kelsey Grammer was surprisingly good as Beast even if he did look a bit too much like the cookie monster.


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