Friday, June 16, 2006

Founding not floundering

You know how some blogs are just awful, well one that certainly isn't is the fantastic i guess i'm floating, I particularly enjoy the descriptions they write about the music posted, possibly their best musical description (that I've read) came about a song from the band pictured above they are The Foundry Field Recordings and to my mind they combine shoegaze and rock/pop absolutely perfectly as their songs not only have the sonic intensity of shoegaze but also the catchy hooks associated with the rock/pop genre (man did I just say genre?) anyway I loved the description by Connor of IGIF about 'Warning Raids Over Kiev' so much that I think it deserves to be posted here too "so this promo ended up in my mailbox, like any other promo, except it was buzzing...vibrating, if you will. so, i popped it in my computer, and the speakers started vibrating (to my surprise, i mean, how the hell does sound work anyway?)...and then my face started vibrating, until a smirk suddenly "popped" (pop!) on my face...and then my hand started vibrating, fingers, toes, nostrils, eyelashes, elbows, cuticles, testicles, follicles, bicycles-- even my left hand! and legs! holy crap, i was floating! i could see everything (almost)! but it didn't stop!! i started to sweat, terrified! my head...fucking "popped" (pop!) like a balloon, and i fell back down, down, really far down....and i opened my eyes, only they weren't my eyes at all...they were the palms of my hands. in one was a vile of blood with a cork cap labeled "silence." this was in the other hand" now if that makes you think "how is that possible?" believe me so did I when I read that but its so true, it is that good. Also the guys at IGIF are friends with Oh No! Oh My! so much so that Joel from the band is going to be making a few guest posts on that blog, how cool is that!! So go be the myspace friend (and listen to some more tunage) of The Founding Field Recordings but you can also go be the myspace friend of IGIF. So in conclusion was this post about a band or a blog? Probably both in a way.

The Founding Field Recordings-Warning Raids Over Kiev
The Founding Field Recordings-Beneath The Winter

The Founding Fields Recordings 'Prompts/Miscues'

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