Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mummy's boys

They are Channel 4 SlashMusic's Band Of The Week and they happen to be myspace friends of mine, they are called Out With Mummy (which lets be honest isn't a brilliant band name) but they have overcome these obstacles and are actually quite good so far heres the critics quote for them they combine the left of centre lyrical style of Talking Heads and the tunes of The Jam, and then claim to be contemporaries of the Crazy Frog and Arctic Monkeys. Well mostly on this site its probably better if you judge bands by the music rather then what I say about them (why not join them on MySpace). Meanwhile The Young Knives are launching a competition on their Myspace site to win some Young Knives goodies including (quite brilliantly) a Young Knives umbrella this is all because their fantastic edgy pop-rock ride continues with the release of 'Shes Attracted To' released on the 19th June. Finally is anyone else firmly in the World Cup groove because I am, only 6 days to go!

Out With Mummy-Who Stole Peter's Soul
Out With Mummy-Just Another Day

Pre-Order She's Attracted To (UK only)

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