Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Confusion or just a Bizzare Love Triangle

Is anyone else wondering what exactly is going on with New Order at the moment with Peter Hook saying that they had split and Sumner and Morris saying that they were going to continue without him as New Order which he has just said can't happen as he says on his MySpace This group [New Order] has split up! You are no more New Order than I am! You may have two thirds, but don't assume you have the rights to do anything 'New Order-ey', because you don't. I've still got a third! But I'm open to negotiation." As Jerry Seinfeld probably wouldn't say "whats the deal.." . Anyway enjoy some classic New Order.

MP3s:New Order-Crystal
New Order-Bizzarre Love Triangle
New Order-True Faith
New Order-Age Of Consent

Monday, July 30, 2007

Classic Live Video Day-The Who

Its an old feature from Sessions of Breakfast with a new This Charming Blog twist, i.e its just about live performances and today its arguably (I mean some will argue a lot about that) the greatest live band ever (in their heyday at least) The Who.

The old favourite isn't it live from the Monteray festival.

Quite possibly their finest song from their finest album.

Very raw, black and white version of their first hit.

a rehearsal jam cover of 'I Saw Her Standing There' with Keith singing.

MP3:The Who-My Generation
Buy: Who's Next

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Master Music

You know how it is sometimes you just get the feeling to somehow renact a moment from the great new Doctor Who series quite possibly the scene in which the Master brilliantly portrayed by John Simm danced to the Scissor Sisters, well now you can (probably just me then).

MP3: Scissor Sisters-I Can't Decide

Monday, July 23, 2007

Deathly Hallows

Its absolutely brilliant, that is all (oh go on have an MP3 from Spoon, their new album is brilliant also).

MP3s: Spoon-I Turn My Camera On

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Beauty

This Charming Blog may be mostly about music but I've decided that it will also be about whatever I want it to be about and for todays post I'm going to put up some pictures and videos of those in my own opinion are the ten most beatiful women in the world (I guess I should qualify this with famous women really) I think I'll mostly let the images and videos speak for themselves which is basically being pretty lazy, so in no particular order (because I often change my mind over this sort of thing anyway) my top ten are:

I'm actually starting to enjoy her music as a guilty pleasure sort of thing, but I mean wow, I have actually yet to find a bad picture of Rihanna which is fairly surprising.

Suprise MP3: Rihanna-SOS

Jessica Alba
The Sexiest Woman in the World according to FHM readers, and its not exatly difficult to see why.

Elisha Cuthbert
Basically the reason why anyone watched 'The Girl Next Door' also a great actress anyway.

Scarlett Johansson
First saw her in the excellent Lost In Translation, quite literally a perfect woman (although I don't know her personally).

Adriana Lima
The only actual model in my Top Ten , I find her heavily addictive.

Keira Knighley
The last 5 minutes of Pirates Of The Carribean, cinematic gold (or the whole of Domino).

(just put in on mute, you know you will)

Rosario Dawson
She was spectacular in Sin City and downright charming in Clerks 2 not to mention Death Proof.

Kelly Brook
No 1 Woman who men want to see in a bikini, again difficult to argue with that.

Eva Longoria
Recently got married, dang (thats all I have to say).

Evangeline Lilly
I love Lost, I really do and Evageline is actually great in it she is also smoking hot (ok maybe a bit too low brow, then again perhaps this whole post is anyway).

Thats it I probably should take a cold shower or something, more music posts will follow (almost all pictures from Hollywoodtuna).

Friday, July 20, 2007

Album I'm looking forward too:possibly a new feature

I've been a fan of The New Pornographers since the release of Twin Cinema ("hang on a minute that was their last album your not a real fan" etc) and they have become one of my absolute favourite bands (honestly joint 4th place with Bob Dylan on my last.fm profile). I just love their sound particularly the meshing of their different members vocal talents (most obviously Neko Case, A.C Newman and Dan Bejar, all of whom have excellent solo stuff too of course) they are highly skilled musicians all round and their three albums so far have been uniformly superb, I actually can't think of a 'filler' track on any of them, if all that wasn't enough they formed in Vancouver a place I'd love to visit some day, they are signed to Matador a record company with a load of great bands and artists (boy I'd love a promo copy of this album right about now) and they are the most potentially embarrassing band to reccomend to any uptight friends and/or relatives. So needless to say having heard a couple of tracks from their upcoming release 'Challengers' I am greatly looking forward to it, and so should you, thats right you sitting there in front of your computer and if you lift up that cup in front of you you should see the Jack of Spades (if it actually happened that would be freaky). I haven't yet seen them live so hopefully they will be shortly touring the UK (and hopefully coming to Brighton as well hint, hint) but for those lucky lot in North America they are touring and here are the dates:

7-29 Toronto, Ontario - Rogers Picnic
09-13 Victoria, British Columbia - McPherson Ballroom #&
09-14 Seattle, WA - Showbox #!
09-15 Seattle, WA - Showbox #!
09-16 Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom #!
09-17 San Francisco, CA - Warfield Theatre #!
09-18 San Diego, CA - House of Blues #!
09-19 Los Angeles, CA - Henry Fonda Theater #!
09-20 Los Angeles, CA - Henry Fonda Theater #@
09-21 Tucson, AZ - Rialto Theatre #@
09-22 Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theater #@
09-24 Boulder, CO - Boulder Theater #@
09-25 Salt Lake City, UT - The Depot #@
09-26 Boise, ID - The Egyptian Theatre #@
09-28 Vancouver, British Columbia - Commodore Ballroom #!
10-11 Edmonton, Alberta - Edmonton Event Center $
10-12 Calgary, Alberta - MacEwen Hall $
10-13 Calgary, Alberta - MacEwen Hall $
10-14 Missoula, MT - University Theater $
10-15 Winnipeg, Manitoba - Garrick Center $
10-16 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue $^
10-17 Milwaukee, WI - Pabst Theatre $^
10-18 Chicago, IL - The Metro $^
10-19 Chicago, IL - The Metro $^
10-20 Buffalo, NY - Riviera Theatre $^
10-21 Toronto, Ontario - Phoenix Concert Theatre $^
10-24 New York, NY - Webster Hall $^
10-25 New York, NY - Webster Hall $&
10-26 Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero $&
10-27 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club $^
10-31 New Orleans, LA - House of Blues $&
11-01 Houston, TX - Warehouse Live $+
11-02 Dallas, TX - House of Blues $+
11-03 Austin, TX - Fun Fun Fun Festival
11-05 Denver, CO - Gothic Theatre $

(& with Immaculate Machine
# with Lavender Diamond
! with Fancey
@ with the Awkward Stage
$ with Emma Pollock
^ with Benjy Ferree
+ with Spoon)

as if that wasn't enough you can also buy the album early and get it now if you live in North America. Anyway aside from that tune in to 6music from 4pm to hear Richard Hawley on Steve Lamacq's show, and until the next post be careful out there (your supposed to say good hunting).

MP3s: The New Pornographers-My Rights Versus Yours
The New Pornographers-Mass Romantic
The New Pornographers-Twin Cinema

Per-Order (UK style): The New Pornographers-Challengers

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sessions of Breakfast?

Hi there, its been a good long time since my last post, this is a result of some serious upheaval in my life including the end of my time at University and the Breakfast Session show itself, which may now mean that I change the title of this blog as I hope to sort of restart the whole thing. I went to see Final Fantasy on Monday of this week at the Brighton Komedia, and it was a truly awesome gig all round (can't wait for heartlands), and it was straight after seeing Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix at the cinema which was actually a great film in contrast to the others which have been pretty poor to average.

MP3: Final Fantasy-He Poos Clouds