Friday, June 23, 2006

Peg City Holla!

I love re-discovering bands. Buying an album, playing it ad nauseam, forgeting about it for a while, then pulling it out and giving it another spin. A band i recently re-discovered: The Waking Eyes, who hail from my home town, Winnipeg. Often forgotten or overlooked or taken for granted (at least in Canada), the Winnipeg music scene has been producing quality rock since forever. Case in point: The Guess Who, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, The Weakerthans, JFK & The Conspirators, Bif Naked, The Duhks, etc, etc, etc. The Waking Eyes have got plenty of recognition in their home and native land, but still seem to be just on the brink in other parts of the world. About fifty years from now, I think that The Waking Eyes' sound will be the new 'classic rock' sound. Throughout their 'Video Sound' album, all their influences shine clearly. The nostalgic pop melodies of The Beatles, harmonies that might make The Beach Boys jealous, stirred in with the riff happy rock & roll of The Rolling Stones. Occasional grungey vocals and emo-ish yelps show off other influences like Ween, Weezer, and Nirvana. Modern edge and classic stylings meshed perfectly. Also, drummer Steve Senkiw is my new hero cos he likes to play quidditch in his spare time.

The Waking Eyes - Watch Your Money
The Waking Eyes - Headlights
The Waking Eyes - On A Train

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