Sunday, June 11, 2006

Named after a Belle and Sebastian track and excellent

Yes they are the Stars Of Track And Field and I swear that I had heard of them before I saw them on as a featured artist on MySpace Music frontpage so I checked out their page and had a listen to their songs and I can safely say that this band hailing from Portland, Oregon are quite excellent from what I've heard in many respects they could be grouped with the soft rock stylings of Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Embrace etc but that would really be unfair (especially to group them with Embrace because to my ear they are the band Embrace want to be rather then the dull affair they have become) want stands them apart from that lot in particular is their use of electronic sounds to craft some more unique songs, they also know their way around a good chorus line with some excellent vocals, it certainly brings an anthemic quality to their music without sounding cheesy, its some goood pop/rock with a bit of electronica thrown in for good measure. Go befriend them on their MySpace space. Finally they just released their debut album although only in the U.S at the moment (and Amazon UK doesn't have any imports in stock at the moment)

Stars Of Track And Field-With You
(you can obviously hear more on their MySpace and their actual website)

Stars Of Track And Field-Centuries Before Love And War

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