Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"The Numbers"

If you haven't already headed on over to check out the Contrast Podcast I heavily suggest that you do, the theme is 'Numbers' and its my second contribution to this great bloggers podcast in a row, I won't tell you what song I chose except to say that it is a classic. In other 'me' news I (as usual) presented my show just earlier today, on which I played a album track off of the upcoming Muse album amongst other great stuff, I haven't posted the tracklisting yet but you can listen to the show or even download it if you really want to (just something to bear in mind each hour starts with the news).

MP3s and M3Us:
Listen to first hour of the Breakfast Session (click open)
Listen to second hour of the Breakfast Session (click open)
Download first hour
Download second hour
Contrast Podcast

1 comment:

Tim Young said...

Thanks for being part of the CP again Jim ... perhaps your new contributors would like to take part in a future one!?