Wednesday, June 21, 2006

uplifting bleakness

OMR are a duo from France who make (as mentioned in the post title) melancholic yet oddly uplifting music (sung in english though which in a way is a slight shame), they recently added me as a friend on MySpace which is how I heard of them, the music they make is sort of indie/electronic in a similar vein to say The Postal Service also I would say another musical similarity would be Bloc Party in their mellower moments, I really like the blending of electronica music and Virginie's vocals which compeltely suit each other, anyway heres what they say about themselves on their About Me section "Formed by Virginie Krupa and Alexandre Brovelli, OMR is a perfect duo: two souls that blend their strengths and doubts, their blinding brightness and their anguish in a single body in this music, conceived in perfectly equal proportion by both of them. Absolute artistic harmony: of those magical, inexplicable unions that come into being between heads that are on the same minute waves, connected to the same spiritual spheres. Two individuals coming from different places but united by a common desire for powerful emotions." (and theres more). They are certainly a band who have a grand vision for their music, and are already signed to a indie record label (Uncivilized World) I wouldn't say mainstream success awaits them but they seem to be building up a fairly large fanbase, and even have a street team which you can join on their website.
On the World Cup front I was obviously glad that England qualified as group winners with a 2-2 draw with Sweden and Joe Cole's goal was an absolute scorcher I would say the best of the tournament so far, although it would have been nice to have (finally) beaten the Swedes and we also had the horrible news about Owen missing the rest of the World Cup (and in fact be out for 6 months through injury), but I still believe we can win the World Cup so bring on Ecaudor and the rest.

MP3: OMR-The Way We Have Chosen

Buy: OMR-Side Effects (this is a UK site for other countries go to the news section on OMR's site).

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