Thursday, June 22, 2006

freshly caught Cornish lo-fi alt-pop

A band I stumbled across upon on NME New Bands site and checked out firstly because I actually liked their name, I was pleasantly surprised that unlike the other 99% of the time where I have checked out a band just because I liked the name these guys were actually good, they are Slo-Mo Fireworks and (much like OMR yesterday) they are a duo of friends called Tom and Jack who can certainly make their own kind of music with all sorts of instumentation ("guitars, voice, drum machine, mini keyboard, ebow") its all coming from a bedroom in Cornwall and its all gloriously lo-fi with a heavy dose of alt-pop, which at times borders on elecronica and at other times is closer to indie-pop, and they actually intend to record 50 tracks this year (a project similar to Bishop Allen's E.P a month thing) which is pretty impressive, so enjoy. Just as I post this Japan have taken the lead against Brazil very impressively.

Slo-Mo Fireworks-The Canadian Pacific
Slo-Mo Fireworks-Pointless Graffiti

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