Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ausgezeichnet ein deutsches Band, das ich ungefähr bekanntgeben kann

Hopefully that title makes sense to any German readers, I used AltaVista Babel Fish to translate (I wish I could say that I can speak German but I can't really), anyway first of all props to Dodge of the finger-lickin' good MOKB who posted about these guys first, they are a German band and they go under the great name of Klee and Dodge put them under the europop genre (now for me that type of music would usually lead to a serious consideration of jumping off a cliff) which is broadly accurate they are certainly very pop (althought not in the crappy sense) and they are euro seeing as they come from Germany, but luckily their music doesn't make me want to jump off a cliff, instead its some very melodious not exactly infectiously catchy but a few listens and it does get under your skin (well it did for me) with some great keyboard work tinged with guitars and vocals exactly suited to the kind of music, as for a comparison they do slightly remind me of New Order at their most poppy, they are on Minty Fresh records in the states and you can be their cyber friend on MySpace. In other news eMusic free daily download for today is a rather excellent slice of College Rock coming from The Living Blue a band that I can't say I've actually heard of but will check out (and they are also on Minty Fresh, certainly a record label that will leave you with excellent smelling breath for the rest of the day) having heard this Pixies/U2 sounding tune which is definitely all about the big guitar riff, big vocals and big hooks, its just big then and its called 'Tell Me Leza'. Finally on the music front I was informed earlier today that the excellent Radio Indie Pop features Falcon (a great unsigned band I posted about on Wednesday) as their favourite Unsigned Artist (as if you needed a reason to go and register there),so go check it out. Now I'm going to watch Brazil Vs Australia which could well be a cracking match.

Klee-Errinner Dich
Klee-A Thousand Ways (English version)
Klee-This Is For Everyone (English version)
loads more here

check out your Amazon, Minty Fresh or of course the Klee website (although it is in German obviously)

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