Monday, June 19, 2006

The New Contributors and the Fun Retro Rock

Well firstly the big news is about this very blog as you would have noticed I have now recruited two contributors to the S.O.B 'Team' (he he he s.o.b) firstly Sarah from Moose Jaw in Canada whom I know through MySpace and Last.FM (oh the crazy magic of the internet) and of course she has already made her introduction post earlier today (look down), and secondly Andy my good friend from Secondary School and Sixth Form who presents his very own radio show 'The Beatbox' at URF (Sussex Uni radio) which is currently on hiatus (although there are plans for him to appear on a certain other world-famous radio show, hint hint) and I'm sure he will make his intro post soon enough. Anyway they are sure to add something extra to this blog as they post about the music they like, or perhaps anything interesting that is music related. On to the subject of the above picture which has nothing to do with the new members of the S.O.B team (tee hee) and everything to do with a band I've decided to post about namely Spencer McGarry Season (well they are kind of a band although its mostly about Spencer McGarry, the clue is in the name) who hail from Swansea and are featured on the latest One Music Unsigned podcast, and are the sound of numerous retro influences: The Beatles, The Kinks, XTC (particularly strong in my opinion), Talking Heads (very slightly) and The Jam all thrown together in a blender and then thrown at the wall, basically they sound like they're having a fun time playing some highly catchy retro-rock which alternates between various influences, it certainly caught my ear so why not have a listen there is of course more on their MySpace. My final message is Come On England.

Spencer McGarry Season-Tell Me Whats Shaking
Spencer McGarry Season-Radio 35

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merz said...

nice spot on Spencer McGarry Season!