Saturday, June 24, 2006

Have You Got Xol?

Well do you? Hopefully you do now as todays post from me is about Xol, who or what is Xol you may ask, well Xol is one man from Telford (kind of spoils the mystery doesn't it) who produces music with his guitar and voice (wow never heard of that kind of artist before you may well say) and somehow makes some beautiful acoustic music with a slight suggestion of folk with vocal similarities with Jeff Buckley (although softer) and musically similar perhaps to the likes of Damien Rice (except not as depressing as he mostly is) basically about a ten million times better then James Blunt (not that difficult you also may well say), also I think this music makes more sense when played at night, maybe ideal fodder for DIY Rockstar's Midnight Music feature in my opinion. Basically if you enjoy falling into a cocoon of acousticness (possibly not a word) you should enjoy Xol.

Xol-Angel's Ghosts
more at XolSpace


Anonymous said...

Any idea what he's called now or what his site is now. I really love that song and the other ones that were on his my space but now it's some spanish samba band or something i think instead.

Neil said...

He's called Neil J. Howard and he's me. (Not to be confused with a guy called Neil Howard from the US). I disappeared for a while but my new website's being glued together, I'm recording an album and there'll be more music on there soon.

Really appreciate the comments.