Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Falcon Punch

Firstly I'd just like to say that currently the World Cup rules my life so I wasn't entirely sure if I was even going to post today especially since I was desperately searching for a actually good band to post about (this may be where having another contributer to this blog may come in handy maybe I'll try and get one), anyway I decided to post about a band that I heard on the fantastic Radio Indie Pop which I highly reccomend in general anyway. The band are called Falcon and I believe they go down as melodic indie pop in Radio Indie Pop terms, they sound a bit like Snow Patrol although not really as polished as their (Snow Patrol) sound has got with their recent album, actually scratch that they are really closer to British Sea Power in that their songs have a certain 'big' quality about them and they are driven by a simple yet effective guitar line or drum beat and vocally theres that similar breathless style. I could go on but I need to eat and watch the Germany-Poland match, I'll also say here that Spain looked like quite a brilliant attacking force earlier today, perhaps this will be the tournament where they finally do something.

Falcon-Dry Land
Falcon-Birds And Mice

nothing yet but when there is I'm sure it would be announced on either their MySpace or Website

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