Monday, June 12, 2006

Groovy Power-Pop aplenty

Yes indeed, the band I'm talking about are Channel 4 Slashmusic's Band Of The Week and they are called The Love Jones a sparky new band who give us this infomation about themselves on their MySpace "From the Birmingham metropolitan region its The Love Jones innit. Old enough to know better but young enough to get away with it (only just) It's inventive guitar based rock/pop type stuff with positive lyrics (usually) and a bit of wry humour chucked in - the perfect antidote to all these miserable new wave revival arseheads doing the rounds at the minute. Have a listen, make up your own mind - available for weddings, childrens birthdays, bar mitzvahs etc etc". But you know what if they can produce more songs of the quality of 'Monday Morning' a great almost Brendan Benson like sunny power-pop anthem and 'Nothing In Your Way' a song that switches between big chorus and funky groove several times without sounding rubbish then they could go far. Anyway thats todays post wrapped up except to say that obviously my radio show is tommorow morning at 8-10am on Junction 11, so if you can listen to that then cool.

The Love Jones-Monday Morning
The Love Jones-Nothing In Your Way

check their website (where you can also download some more songs)

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