Saturday, May 13, 2006

a Yeti as Employee Of The Month

How could I follow up the Fyfe Dangerfield interview? Well by posting about a couple of brilliant bands one that I'm surprised hasn't got as much blog attention as it should and another that is currently unsigned comes from Edinburgh and makes completely 'out there' experimental jazz/rock. Firstly then we have Yeti a band fronted by ex-Libertines bassist John Hassall who make jangly/bluesy rock certainly not attempting to be Libertines 2, they should hopefully be releasing their debut album some time this year which can only be a good thing. The two Yeti MP3s and the bottom of the post I believe show two sided to the band's work firstly there is 'Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder' their one official single thus far which is frankly a perfect piece of jangly indie pop which will really stick in your mind and is perfect to just have on your MP3 whilst sinply being in the sun, the second piece of music (and you can find more on the bands website as well as here) is called very aptly 'Midnight Flight' this shows off the more bluesy end of the band's musical element, its driven by a simple but finger-clicky bassline and could almost be the theme tune to some 60s detective show once again very catchy but far more suited to night-time play, and as for night-time music.

The brilliantly named Employee Of The Month who came to my attention on the latest One Music Unsigned podcast they make instrumental music perfect for night-time listening a fusion of jazz and rock (it sounds like high potential for rubbish but its not) thats possible to actually listen too or simply have on as background music, its really ambient maaannnn (ignore that last bit and just listen to the sweet sweet music).

Yeti-Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder
Yeti-Midnight Flight
Employee Of The Month-Brainwave:Corrupted
Employee Of The Month-You Can Only Own What You Can Hold

Employee Of The Month-Brainwave E.P
Yeti-Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder single

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