Friday, May 12, 2006

An interview with a Guillemot

unfortunately my interview with the small cliff dwelling sea bird got delteted by accident so you'll just have to make do with this interview with Guillemots front man which I did for Junction 11 (although entirely under my own steam) after their gig at the Brighton Audio on the 10th April, I'm not going to lie to you I'm not a proffesional at this kind of thing but I did manage to get some infomation. So here it is on the day this blog becomes a week old (wow what an anniversary):

featuring Fyfe Dangerfield, Me, other members of Guillemots (in background) and Joe (my friend who knew nothing about Guillemots but did just see the gig)

Jim: new album, debut album have you got a name for it?
Fyfe: yeah but it’s a secret we’re not telling anyone…it’s not called ‘Ethnic Sounds Volume 1’
Jim: That’s good because that would be commercial suicide
Other Guillemots member: I thought that was a good idea
Fyfe: yeah it’s a secret its one of are songs though…it’s the name of one of our songs (I think We’re Here is a good bet)
Joe: how many songs have you got?
Fyfe: quite a few for the new album
Jim: I got ‘From The Cliffs’
Fyfe: oh yeah that’s like a mini-album
Jim: yeah a mini-album
Fyfe: although two of the tracks on there will appear on our album but only one in the same form (Made Up Lovesong re-recorded and Trains to Brazil in its original form?)
Joe: we were discussing when does it become an album how long does it have to be
(we discuss ‘From The Cliffs’ briefly no real information)
Jim: the tour, how has the tour been so far?
Fyfe: been really good....yeah it’s gone really well
Jim: because you got a really good review in NME
Fyfe: yeah…sorry is this a trail of blood on the floor?
Jim: It could be blood it could be something else
Fyfe: yeah but umm the NME gave us a really nice review I was quite surprised
Jim: the press as been really good so far….
(venue manager comes in asks for T-shirt to be signed and talks about how his 12 year old Brother-in-law saw the gig as his first ever live gig and loads of other people interrupt)
Although we got back to the interview Fyfe was more interested in getting to his vegetarian lasagne I found out that SXSW was a traumatic experience for them (due to flights), that they were surprised and pleased that Carl Barat liked them and had just become MySpace friends, that they enjoyed listening to Nick Drake and Beastie Boys on their tourbus (when the road crew didn’t monopolise it) and that he was looking forward to playing with We Are Scientists because his girlfriend liked them although he had never heard of them.

Guillemots-Made Up Lovesong #43
Guillemots-Who Left The Lights Off Baby?

From The Cliffs

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Tim Young said...

Hi Jim,

I hope you have flagged this interview up in the YAYBLOG! thread on cos I'm sure lots of the US readers will miss it otherwise.

You are the most local MP3 blogger I have encountered as yet. I presume you have seen my band's blog as well as the contrast podcast. If not it's on the contrast site link list as 'the face of today'. If you like what you hear (my band is called 'cut' by the way) I'm sure I could sort you out with the odd guest pass to the odd gig if you are interested? I'd be interested to know if you have any links for promoters in Reading too.