Monday, May 29, 2006

Mondays, Tuesdays, Happy Days etc

I received an e-mail earlier today Victor Scott wondering if I would like to post about his music, so I decided to listen to the music (especially given this is the first contact I've had from an artist who found out about my blog) so what do I think of it? Well I would say that never before have I heard so much genre-hopping on one album, I even wrote down a few clever words about a few of the tracks which are as follows: "minimalist Moby mixed with a dash of LCD Soundsystem and jangly guitars"(Gotta Go), "The sound of The Avalanches if they decided to make all their songs as bizarre and out there and above all with that same kind of twisted genius as Frontier Psychiatrist"(Airstream), "sounds like the opening theme to some obscure and probably naff 60s film set in Cuba but the sort that has a about 5 copies of its soundtrack in existance all on vinyl which sell at about £5,000 a pop on ebay" (Golf) and "if Beck in his Mellow Gold era had decided to write simple acoustic songs" (Mareel). This brilliantness continues to his album available right now on Brighton based SVC Records called 'Happy Days' (which is why I decided to use the post title) also available on itunes.

Victor Scott-Gotta Go
Victor Scott-Mareel

Victor Scott-Happy Days (and get B-sides album free!)

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