Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Contrasting Cajun Dance Party

Cajun Dance Party aren't from West London you know, they have received quite a bit of press Steve Lamacq has played them on his show and the likes of Fake DIY and NME are fans, so what do they sound like? Well they sound quite a lot like a gentile version of The Strokes there is clearly a touch of influence from very recent acts like Mystery Jets and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (but with less madness perhaps) as well as sounding a bit like The Shins if they wrote a 'music for bars' concept album, get some more of their indie-pop goodness at their MySpace site (link is in their name). Aside from the sounds of Cajun Dance Party I highly advise you to listen to the Contrast Podcast especially because I chose a track for the most recent Best Of 2006 (So Far) 2 podcast which is the fantastic Stars Of Aviation track Marie et l'Accordeon, its some good indie-folk (and thanks to Stars Of Aviation for mentioning my site on theirs), even if that isn't your cup of tea theres plenty of different stuff on those brilliant podcasts coming from bloggers all over the world.

Cajun Dance Party-Buttercups
Cajun Dance Party-Colourful
Contrast Podcast

any details will be on the various sites

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Anonymous said...

Definately a wikd lil band.. hope to hear more of them soon. 'The next untouchable' is an amazing song.