Sunday, May 07, 2006

"I've never been so happy to hear the French"

I was listening to the Radio 1 unsigned podcast yesterday when this band came up they are called Stars Of Aviation and they describe themselves as a 7 piece chamber pop group who are influenced by English and French Folk music, the song that was played was 'Marie et l'accordeon' (sung in french)which you can hear on their MySpace site. I would say that they produce some perfect breezy folk-pop (not always in french) which sounds a bit like Arcade Fire heavily sedated on morphine, just right for the on coming summer. In other news those "Finnish psych folk masters" who go by the name of Paavoharju have released a free to download E.P at miasma (Tuote-akatemia / Unien Savonlinna), they produce some of the best late night to twilight music in my opinion, they are in some respects musical cousins to Sigur Ros but if you listen to Sigur Ros in a darkened room these guys should be listened to in a pitch-black room, there was a comment about them on some Blog which I've forgotten just this second but it was along the line of they sound like "tuning the radio into some obscure radio station whilst driving along some remote country road at midnight"( and their on MySpace). Now on a completely different note there are some indie pop heroes I should mention, Bishop Allen a band that have been mentioned numerous times on the brilliant blog 'You Ain't Know Picasso' (link on the sidebar) they are producing E.Ps for every month this year so their already a third of the way through and from what I've heard and read about them suggests that they have been fantastic so far (so much so that I have decided to order them). They have a great fresh sound that recalls the likes of The Decemberists and The New Pornographers, but is still quite unique nonetheless, why not befriend them on MySpace.

Carol-Stars Of Aviation
Love Is Only In Your Mind-Stars Of Aviation
Nuo maisemat-Paavoharju
Mitä sinä et ole-Paavoharju
Corazon-Bishop Allen
The News From Your Bed-Bishop Allen

Free Download:
Paavoharju - Tuote-akatemia / Unien Savonlinna EP

Stars Of Aviation Links
Bishop Allen Shop

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