Saturday, May 20, 2006

Got Any Instrumental, Experimental Post-Rock?

Certainly not like the Quo in any shape or form and to be honest I wouldn't have personally thought I would have like this lot from the description above but acting on a small tip-of from a small mention in NME I decided to take a look at this lot's site, they are The Hearing and they hail from Coventry (not a typo) and are clearly interested in creating a sonic masterpiece of some sort without the the hindrance of mere mortal vocals, I don't have any MP3s of them to post but if you head on over to their site you can listen to their Sound. In other news did anyone (who saw Later last night) find Gary Lightbody's performance with Martha Wainwright unintentionally hilarious well I did basically because he looked like a nervous schoolboy who had lost his guitar, actually something else thats pretty funny is the current indie 'war' between Razorlight and The Kooks, you certainly can't excuse NME for hyperbole on that 'issue' (cough cough).

Razorlight at Hype Machine
The Kooks at Hype Machine
Snow Patrol at Hype Machine

Pre-Order Razorlight's untitled second album
The Kooks-Inside In/Inside Out
Snow Patrol-Eyes Open

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