Monday, May 08, 2006

Gorgeous Indie Folk

This will be a fairly quick post for today about Amy Millan's upcoming album 'Honey From The Tombs'. Now I've only heard Skinny Boy and Baby I at her MySpace site but I can safely say that I am very excited about it (and if any record labels are reading this however unlikely that may be I would love to receive and review a promo copy of it, also I could play some tracks on my show). Anyway for those of you who don't know who I'm talking about she is a canadian singer and guitarist who jointly fronts the brilliant band Stars and also performs with the indie collective that is Broken Social Scene (both of which along with this solo album are or will be releasing stuff on the Arts & Crafts label in Canada, which is a very cool record label, also the home of Feist). Amy has incredible vocals which can be very husky and soulful but also at times quite light and bouncy, anyway its pretty damm gorgeous and soulful Indie folk from what I've heard. On other things I should be purchasing the Dirty Pretty Things album later on today so I may review it in a future post.

Amy Millan-Skinny Boy

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