Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Clean Ugly Non-things

Yes I brought the CD yesterday and also typed up my review on Last.FM so here it is: Yes indeedy just purchased the brand spanking new Dirty Pretty Things album (mmmm...new CD smell) Waterloo To Anywhere and what does it sound like well in some respects its like a colonic irrigation of all the crap that went with the brilliance of The Libertines(probably most obvious in 'Bang Bang Your Dead') but its also a clean slate for a new band to rise from the ashes of the Albion possibly a good way to decribe them is a more focused Libertines. Its certainly a record that doesn't slow down from 'Deadwood' to 'B.U.R.M.A' theres plenty of guitar-laden goodness (although perhaps it could have done with a couple of mellow tracks, then again maybe it would have broken the highly visceral focus of this album) and there really is no let off the songs stack up quickly almost like they are all intended to be single releases and before you know it the head rush is over, and what do you then? Press play again. Also maybe you would like to hear my show that went out just earlier you can here the first hour here and the second hour here, plus the tracklisting is here.

Dirty Pretty Things-Deadwood
Dirty Pretty Things-Wondering

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