Saturday, May 06, 2006

Up The 'Heads, Tigs and trust We Are Scientists

The Futureheads are returning with their second album 'News and Tributes' and I'm very excited I really like the sound of 'Skip To The End' and I played it on my show last Tuesday, from the reviews I've read its apparently a more mature sounding album then their debut but in a good way, something quite odd about this release though is that on Amazon UK if you want to pre-order it you can only pre-order the import copy released in North America which you can pre-order here this is released on June 13th, but the UK release date is 29th May and you can't pre-order it on amazon yet, oh well I'm still buying it probably when it hits the shops. Aside from The Futureheads a great sounding up and coming band are Tigs, they have featured on many blogs already including a personal favourite of mine (Gorrilla Vs Bear) they have a great punk/ soul energy that touches on the sound of PJ Harvey, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Nancy Sinatra (with a side order of Queens Of The Stone Age), definitely worth checking out, I even got a response from them when I asked them to request a song (over MySpace, more on this in another post) and the response I got was "you are a nice man. i hope you get laid this weekend." Which is a bit rock n roll I guess (no I didn't by the way). Anyway another band who are cool is the three headed juggernaught that is We Are Scientists, yep I heavily suggest you purchase there album 'With Love And Squalor' its a visceral fun ride not perhaps a brilliant album but very good nonetheless with decent hopes of a great future (also a brilliant live band so good I brought the T-Shirt) especially with the fact that they have a great sense of humour shown in their videos and on their site which I would regard as especially good to see as many of the bands in this current 'angular , new-wave' scene though very good often come across as being slightly humourless, anyway hopefully this blog should soon feature on the blog aggregators soon which should generatesome more interest in this blog, I mean there are a lot of blogs out there and the likes of Hype Machine and elbo are really brilliant for discovering new blogs to check out.

Skip To The End-The Futureheads
Don't Tell Me-Tigs
Something New-Tigs
Cash Cow-We Are Scientists

To Buy:
Pre-Order Skip To The End
Pre-Order News And Tributes (US only)
Buy With Love And Squalor

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