Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Keith, Valerie and the Monkey request

Hi again I thought I'd post about some MySpace 'friends' of mine a band named Keith who I first heard as the winners of 'Fresh Meat' on Zane Lowe. Well they are releasing an album later this month called 'Red Thread' (22nd May) this has been a long time in the making as they've worked with a few producers on this, and its looking like a potentially brilliant release of highly danceable indie although the vocals on this are actually fairly melancholic thus creating an interesting and fairly compelling juxtaposition between their shiny indie pop infused with a hefty dash of electronica. Overall worth checking out.Moving along then The Zutons have posted the video for the next single the superb 'Valerie' (I could just listen to it all day) and it features them in a prison its groovy watch it on windows media high or low or real player high or low. Their just a really fun bad and everyone needs some great fun music to jig about too. Next to talk about is the band I first read about in the brilliant blog Gorrila Vs Bear, so I checked them out and I wasn't dissapointed by their beautiful acoustic music, now the request thing on my radio show I have played the requests of a few bands and artists basically I contact them through MySpace asking for a request so on the show I first play a song by the artist (in this case 'Sheffield Shanty') and then play the request so what did Monkey Swallows The Universe ask for (or more particularly Nat the lead singer) well it was James with Laid, I hope you enjoyed that piece of information. One last thing though the post I did about Muse was deleted because I thought it was a bit too full of bile, I should say that I really love the music that Muse make in particular 'Unintended' which is an incredibly relaxing sublime piece of music, but they generally do the whole 'epic earth shaking' song incredibly well especially on Absolution. As for there new single well you can hear it here and here so I won't post it. Edit:Literally just added site meter this second

Keith-Hold That Gun
Keith-You (demo)
Monkey Swallows The Universe-Sheffield Shanty

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