Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lazy Sunday Post

Well I couldn't really be bothered to post about some new band or artist today so instead I just took a look at the news over at Pitchfork and NME and thought I'd post about Thom Yorke pretty surprising decision to release his own solo album in July called 'The Eraser' and produced by Nigel Godrich its apparently going to be quite electronic (so probably not like the bizarre cover version originally posted on When Apes Ruled The Earth and now here), this is strange because there is supposed to be a Radiohead album later this year and of course people may be thinking this is the end of Radiohead although Thom has rubbished these claims so probably not then. As for an album I'm excited about which is due to be out later this year (possibly October) is the third Shins album so I decided to post their cover version of the Postal Service's excellent 'We Will Become Silhouettes' (some new stuff from them would be nice too), they are touring the UK although I believe all dates have sold out (damm lack of money and upcoming exams).

Radiohead-Rhinestone Cowboy
The Shins-We Will Become Silouettes

stuff by Radiohead
stuff by The Shins
The Postal Service-Give Up

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Andrew said...

That is quite interesting, Beck has also done some new material with Nigel Godrich I believe and he's touring with Radiohead in the summer. Electronic? Sounds good to me.