Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hello Kitty?

They are SaltLick Kitty purveyors of absolutely bizarre rock/pop I discovered them whilst I was looking through Channel 4's SlashMusic site for unsigned bands and artists, this odd outfit say they are influenced by "an eclectic mix of musical loves and influences" and it certainly sounds that way as they weave between punk-pop stylings sounding like a distorted Graham Coxon, to sounding like a hyper and keyboard happy Breeders, also sounding like a lot of other bands thrown in to a blender and served with a dash of insanity. They come from York as well as you will see on their MySpace site, which really doesn't mean anything so before this entry runs out of steam listen to these rock/pop/punk/insane cuts of SaltLick sound, you can find other sound from them on their sites.

SaltLick Kitty-Uhh-mong (other things)
SaltLick Kitty-I wanna be you

SLKissMyA$$ their E.P

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