Friday, May 19, 2006

NEWS FLASH: Analogue tapes develop ears

But don't worry Cassettes Won't Listen according to the name of the band I decided to post about (ahhh This Is Fake DIY, always there with a few MySpace tips) they are a bunch of New Yorkers with a talent for Indie Rock/Pop heavily tinged with electronica (and they have such a passion for electronica they also like todo remixes) and I've decided to come up with an analogy for their sound they sound like Death Cab and Hot Chip having a West-Side story style dance-off (well thats really rubbish but what are you going to do), actually to be homest you could substitute Death Cab for another indie band maybe even Tapes 'N Tapes (and I'll mention here that Tapes 'N Tapes once made a request for my show via the magic of MySpace). Anyway take a listen to these steaming-hot cuts of music because their worth a listen they don't sound like Beirut (but them I'm only mentioning that to attempt to get more visitors "sly").

Cassettes Won't Listen-Cutting Balloons
Cassettes Won't Listen-Where Did Go

head on over to dope lotus records for details

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