Friday, May 26, 2006

Bear of Greatness

Howdy again I have done two of my exams and have my last one next week so I decided to post on my slightly neglected blog (but seriously I had to cram) so the band I'm posting about have made some pretty cool fun music they are called Great Bear and have actually been around for a few years but (and even recently their guitarist decided to leave), as I said above their music is extremely fun stuff in the vein of Blur and Supergrass (and on Man Of The Moment they remind me ever so slighly of Art Brut with the 'story of a person in a song' style) definitely what I need after two exams back to back. They have pages on isound (where I originally found them some time last year) and myspace and are well worth checking out (even though they haven't posted since they made the post about their guitarist leaving so maybe their future is uncertain).

Great Bear-Man Of The Moment
Great Bear-Think You Love Me

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