Sunday, May 21, 2006

Its good to be of Montreal

Firstly can I just say this isn't a post about Of Montreal although I do enjoy their Elephant 6 kind of music (frankly it would make any one start jumping up and clapping their hands), instead it is about a band from Montreal named Lesley Lane who were formed in September of last year by Dears guitarist Patrick Krief (incidently that new Dears record looks set to be bloody briliant you may want to check here for details on that). So what do these dudes sound like? Well on first listen quite close to The Dears really but listen again and to more of their tracks on MySpace (they actually recently added me as a friend which is how I discovered them) and theres more to them they make down-beat yet also uplifting music that not only recalls their 'parent' band but also the sounds of Pink Floyd, The Smiths and Muse all in there, they certainly have a 'big' sound and could certainly go on to rank alongside their many illustrious neighbours, Montreal is pretty hot right now as you may have noticed from the amount of press been given it (although its probably been hot for a while its just the world and Pitchfork have just recently noticed it as is the way with these city 'scenes'). However you know somewhere thats not usually hot? Well Finland who won the Eurovision song contest last night (oh the Eurovision song contest its part endurance test part comedy music show) with these guys: yes indeedy Finnish death/heavy metal band Lordi who won with their 'classic' Hard Rock Hallelujah (perhaps you want to join them on MySpace, if you dare), plus an honourable mention should go out to the Lithuanian entry who repeatedly sung "We are the winners of Eurovision" and had a mad bald bloke dancing about at one point, and of course Terry Wogan (he is the main man).

MP3 (sorry no Lordi):
Lesley Lane-Bourre

Lesley Lane don't currently have a CD out but will soon
if you want to download any Eurovision song go here

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