Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Good Reverend tells dance

Yes its Reverend and The Makers a band currently being plugged by those crazy kooks at Radio 1 they are also friends with those Arctic Monkeys which probably helps, they come from a similar stable to The Streets and Arctic Monkeys in the singing about real life in real voice style but before you say "its been done" they are also quite a funky electro package with genuine danceability (particularly on 'Bandit') you can download some of their songs on MySpace (click the picture) as well as on their website. Moving along having read a post on My Old Kentucky Blog about The Rakes I thought its about time I mention them they are a fantastic and highly catchy number in their live form and on record, I would certainly say that Capture/Release is well worth some of your time, I'm posting a pretty cool acoustic version of recent single 'All Too Human' for your sampling pleasure, go join The Rakes' friend list, you know you want to. Coincidentally the next band I want to talk about are currently touring with The Rakes, The Young Knives a band who in my opinion have produced one of the best singles of 2006 with 'Here Comes The Rumour Mill' from the stumbling awkward guitar-drum combo at the beggining to the almost falsetto ending, for the most part they make angular art-rock with a pop edge although they have been known to go all acoustic and Kinks-esque (see 'Elaine' and some other songs on their MySpace page). I'm sure their debut album will be released soon, especially since Zane Lowe aka The Zipper played 'Shes Attracted To' as the Hottest Record In The World Right Now.

Reverend And The Makers-Bandits
Reverend And The Makers-He Said He Loved Me
The Rakes-All Too Human (acoustic)
The Young Knives-Here Comes The Rumour Mill

The Young Knives' stuff

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