Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A welcome return

So I was listening to Colin Murray's show on Radio 1 last night for the first time really (I used to listen to evening weekday Radio 1 but haven't properly for a while) and was pleasantly surprised to hear a new single from a certain Mr Willy Mason, whose debut 'Where The Humans Eat' was an excellent album in the warm-hearted acoustic category and featured the famous (or as it ended up due to radio overplay) Oxygen single. I was even more pleased that the new single though not exactly expanding the sound was as good as anything on the debut and also appeared to have the sound of a shotgun being loaded and shot at the beginning (although this part isn't on the streamed MySpace version of 'Save Myself') which is always a good thing, I was just happy to hear it so I thought I'd give it a post. The album tracklisting is:
1. Gotta Keep Walking
2. World That I Wanted
3. We Can Be Strong
4. Save Myself
5. I Can't Sleep
6. Riptide
7. When The River Moves On
8. If The Ocean Gets Rough
9. Simple Town
10. End Of The Race
11. When The Leaves Have Fallen

Willy Mason-Oxygen
Willy Mason-Gotta Keep Moving

Willy Mason-If The Ocean Gets Rough (released 5th March)

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Anonymous said...

we won a compettition for Willy Mason to play a home gig. These tracks are are a great help to get into his stuff (haven't yet had a chance to buy the album ;-)