Saturday, January 20, 2007

UK Chart faces time warp

So you may have already heard that a song that was made just to be in a 'Doctor Who' episode (awesome programme by the way) is heading into the Charts here because of the fans getting people to legally download it thus because of the new rules governing the chart any song available for legal download (from itunes and others I assume) without having a physical copy in the charts or even being released recently so in theory pretty much any song if enough people downloaded it could get in the charts (or get back in the charts) so lets have loads of people downloading all those songs that just should have been number 1, I honestly think we should start with 'Teenage Kicks' just because really (it charted at #31 before) so if enough people download it legally (wait till Monday after the next chart is released) in the UK it could get higher in the charts then before which would just be awesome.

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