Thursday, January 18, 2007

Brunch Session?

Who is this handsome devil/hideous zombie type thing? Well its me in full "I'm a DJ, honest" pose, and this little blog entry is a announcement regarding my student radio show the Breakfast Session it will be restarting next week in a brand new time slot and day which is 10am-12pm (GMT) which is frankly a lot more sociable then 8-9am Fridays (and should hopefully result in more real time listeners (many people just listened again before), I'll be playing my usual awesome mix (if I say so myself) of alternative, indie and rock with mostly new music with a healthy selection of classics and once again spread out over two lovely hours, if you would like to be a part of the Breakfast Session experience (hello Mr Ego hows it going, wow your expanding at quite some rate") then you can simply by leaving a request in a comment perhaps or if you really want to be cool you can make a little recording of yourself saying something along the lines of "Hi this is insert name here (and maybe if your a blogger or in a band or something you can say) of (or) from insert band name or blog name, and your listening to the Breakfast Session on Junction 11 with Jim Campbell" and send it in an e-mail to, and remember to tune in at Junction 11. Aside from my show, you can't help but not have noticed that Pitchfork have launched their Forkcast section and generally cleaned up their homepage a bit, and there is some good mp3s there, including a couple from a band they enjoyed last year but somewhat passed over my head called Deerhunter, who sound good definitely worth a look.

Deerhunter-Spring Hall Convent

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