Monday, January 08, 2007

Classic Video Day-Remember How Music Used To Make You Feel?

Its the new Arcade Fire album video which is pretty funny maybe not 'classic' as such but it does highlight what looks set to be one hell of a Sophomore non-slump for which the tracklisting is:
01 Black Mirror
02 Keep the Car Running
03 Neon Bible
04 Intervention
05 Black Wave/ Bad Vibrations
06 Ocean of Noise
07 The Well and the Lighthouse
08 (Antichrist Television Blues)
09 Windowsill
10 No Cars Go
11 My Body Is a Cage

wasn't No Cars Go on the Arcade Fire E.P released in 2005? Oh well still sounds awesome and Neon Bible will be out March 5 in Europe and March 6 in North America.

Arcade Fire-Wake Up
Arcade Fire-I'm Sleeping In a Submarine
Arcade Fire-Neon Bible (UK only)

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