Thursday, January 11, 2007

I use the NME

First off I'd like to thank Idolator for featuring my post on Los Campesinos! yesterday, a great fun band coming at you from Wales and with an exclamation mark in their name. Anyway today I'd like to talk about NME the very long running music newspaper/magazine I have to say that I used to be an avid reader of the NME for a few years (starting in 2001 and going on till about 2004) and I have to say I did enjoy many of the bands they championed during those heady days such as The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Coral, The Libertines and many other The... bands besides (and I still like a lot of those bands today) I generally enjoyed their excitable nature even if it got a little bit too much sometimes (making The Strokes a high ranking entrant into the Best Bands of All Time list, and sticking 'Get Free' by The Vines at No.38 in their Top 100 singles list and their unlimited love for Oasis which continues to this day, I mean I thought they were good but not that good) however now I rarely if ever pick up a copy of NME, but why? Well their excitable approach just seemed to go into complete overdrive especially with those Arctic Monkeys and this caught on in the rest of the UK but of course it couldn't last forever and eventually a backlash came (not from NME yet, wait for the second album though), and now look at the current issue it features The View , a decent band (potentially very good)with some great catchy numbers to their name such as 'Wasted Little DJs' and 'Same Jeans' who have yet to release their debut album as the front cover stars, relegating James Brown to the side (seriously I don't get that) just below the FREE MASSIVE POSTERS of either Oasis (what did I just say) or The Kooks (meh, they are alright but they are another massively hyped band from NME), I think I've made my point so rant over. So the new Modest Mouse song has been tickling the blogosphere's fancy recently and I must say its great funky, tropical number quite unlike Modest Mouse generally but there is nothing wrong with a band developing their sound.

Modest Mouse-Dashboard
The View on Hype Machine (good luck to them I say)

The View-Hats Off To The Buskers

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