Thursday, January 25, 2007

London, Ontario Calling

So once again I can't really take full credit for bringing Basia Bulat to your attention (that goes to StG via NBGL), still that doesn't stop me from talking about how darn exciting this lady's music is, and that's just the key its exciting with vocals that you could draw a comparison with Feist for example but they are actually striking enough to feel that trying to pin down a definite comparison, musically you can hear a piano that often sounds like it playing from a different time era, a acoustic guitar trying to keep things together, some strings lending a beautiful backdrop at times and then suddenly getting caught up in the song and as for the drums well they don't know if their supposed to be in a marching band or some sort of jungle beat thing. I'm very excited, and you should to or you could go and read what Sean at StG said.

Basia Bulat-Snakes And Ladders
more excellence at her MySpace

the album Oh, My Darling should be out in March on Rough Trade.

Edit: something I'd never thought I'd be typing but head over to Marathonpacks (now a Pitchfork reviewer) for a comprehensive post about James Mercer's face it is far more interesting then it sounds honest.

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