Sunday, January 14, 2007

So much Monkey Love to give

So I'll set the scene for you, I posted about a track from an artist called Red Cassette and recently I received an e-mail from Sam of Monkey Love Records saying that she saw my post and wondered if I'd like some more info so I said yes and got the url for Monkey Love artists and one that immediately caught my eye was Joy Tourette, so I took a look see and was pleased to hear some music quite unlike pretty much everything floating about at the moment in the blogosphere (which apparently seems to be leaked Arcade Fire tracks right this second) this is slightly hypnotic electronica (kind of a bit like Cocteau Twins) mixed or even juxtaposed with a weird almost PJ Harvey like attitude and some darkly interesting (or perhaps just downright odd) lyrics, all in all worth some of your precious time. I expect there will be more from Monkey Love in the future on this here blog.

Joy Tourette-Lupine Man
Joy Tourette-Autoharp
more to hear on her MySpace


Anonymous said...

Hey dude,
Good to see you are appreciating the 'tree top troop' and maybe your relationship with Sam will grow.... Possibly one problem, Sam is a boy, but he acts like a girl every now and again.

As for the artists, all of them have something to offer but some are easier to pick up. Listen out for Robberriff's "where does the Piano go?" it shows Robberriff is more than a few D'n'B tracks.

You have a good grip on music, so i know you're already finding this out.

Anyway keep up the good work and stay in touch with the monkey boy & the troop.

Jim said...

whoops sorry Sam my bad, mind you I've been called a girl before and that was after they met me face to face.