Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Its a bandwagon, jump on

Something of a UK buzz band right here, although in the sense that a lot of UK bloggers along with Huw Stevens on Radio 1 are giving a lot of love to this excellent 7 piece rather then NME putting them on the front cover several times before they release their debut album and proclaiming them to be the second coming and the coolest band ever. So this band can expect a good 2007 in independent terms at least rather then facing a backlash sometime in May. Anyway back to Los Campesinos! a band from Cardiff who have incorporated Glockenspiel and Violin into their highly enjoyable guitar driven sound and have taken a great deal of indie influences into their music to such an extent that its actually difficult to pinpoint them and as such comes out sounding original and fresh, if I was to pinpoint their sound I may say they soundlike Arcade Fire hosting a beach party inviting Broken Social Scene, The Shins and many other North American indie acts along but this party is gatecrashed by British bands like The Frattellis and at points sounds a bit chaotic but there is harmony in the chaos and great male/female interchanged vocals too, no wonder Wichita have signed them up, and look at their artist list.

Los Campesinos!-Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks
Los Campesinos!-Death To Los Campesinos

presumably Hold On Youngster will be their debut album info will come on their MySpace

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