Saturday, November 25, 2006


Something of a current buzz artist amongst the blogosphere (see IGIF, Stereogum, Nbgl and StG) is Sleeping States all thanks to a post in Grizzly Bear's blog (although playlouder have been championing his cause before now) describing this London based singer-songwriters music as "So gorgeous and beautiful" which is quite true, I'd like to add to that that Sleeping States is an incredibly appropriate name for the music he produces not in the sense that you listen to it and you fall asleep, but that you listen to it and it relaxes your mind and can in affect put you in a state ready for sleep, this is highly experimental folky type music as Markland Starkie the lead singer uses various different noises spliced together at points in the songs so not exactly a dead cert for mainstream success but gorgeous and beautful nonetheless.

Sleeping States-A Trip To NYC
Sleeping States-December
More here

there are plenty of record available to buy all listed at his MySpace

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Anonymous said...

great song i saw it on two of the sites.

on the subject have you even heard yellow house?
top 3 of year for me