Saturday, November 04, 2006


Well its been two days since my last post so I thought I'd get up off my ass and post today about a rather excellent electro-indie three-piece by the name of Cowboy Racer who are the current band of the week on Channel 4's slashmusic pages. Their sound is a mixture of various bands from classic (Blondie) to fairly current (Hot Chip, Goldfrapp) all put into a blender and set to liquidise resulting in a nourishing electronic-indie-female vocal smothie. Probably best if you don't read that and just listen to the music.

Cowboy Racer-Yellow Horse
Cowboy Racer-Hey Cowboy

all details on shop section

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Rui Gamboa said...

dont forget that the vocalist is the great marijne van der vlugt, ex-mtv's vj, and ex-vocalist of one of my favourite band of the '90s SALAD.

thanks for the links