Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dear Friend or the new MySpace feature

Ah MySpace don't you just love it (or not) especially the politics and many mind games that take place all revolving around the Top 8 friends basically why am I not in your Top 8 (or 4 or 16 etc) and so and so is. Anyway it made me think I wonder how many lesser known but great bands or artists are on the Top friends list of the more well known great bands, and thus we have the new MySpace feature (which I will try to do every Thursday). For todays first MySpace Friends feature I chose Canadian Indie-Pop/Rock Superheros The Dears. So I took a look at their Top Friends (at this point with more then a little apprehension as this feature could just die on it's arse if they don't actually have any bands or singers on their top friend list) and as luck would have it happened to find an excellent Canadian Singer-Songwriter who I had not heard of named Danielle Duval, she hails from good ol'Montreal and is currently based in Toronto and has been writing and making music since she was 14, and from what I have heard of her music thus far it at points has a certain disjointed catchiness that is quite reminicent of alt-rockers Pavement, however this also veers into some more conventional indie-pop melodies similar to that which Rilo Kiley and others use, or if you want a 'quote' I would say alt-rock meets indie-pop and explodes on the hot bed of talent that is Montreal. She certainly could well be set up for greater things with support from The Dears for one thing, but also Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo who helped to mix her album, and Jim Creeggan of the Barenaked Ladies who plays bass on "Go" her 'single' which has been picked up by a local Canadian radio station (and may well get a play on a certain Junction 11 show tommorow hint, hint Breakfast Session, 8-9am GMT,, so watch this space as it were this music could well be set to be the soundtrack to all drinking games and road trips though not both at the same time. Go have a listen. Going back to The Dears MySpace another one of their top friends is Kramer so Giddy Up.

Danielle Duval-Go
Danielle Duval-Stay Another Day

more info here and here
The Dears-Gang Of Losers (brilliant album)

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