Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday MyFriend Feature

Yes the feature I started last Thursday is back, when I take a well known band or artist (to me) look at their Top friends on MySpace and see if I can discover a new band or artist that sounds good to my ears. Anyway today I looked at Maximo Park's profile, a great band who not only are absolutely mind-blowing live but also in my opinion produced one of the finest albums of 2005 (and I can't wait for their follow up), so I looked at their top 8 which mostly had people profiles rather then band profiles on, but there was one band namely De Novo Dahl, so I clicked on that profile and once again (like last week) I was surprised to find a band that I hadn't heard of (although considering that at one point Stereogum, CMG, Pitchfork and Spin have talked about them before now, some people probably have heard of them) anyway I liked their style, very indie pop (in the best sense of the genre) with more then a hint of experimental leanings. Or if you want a clumsy comparison as I usually do imagine a collaboration between The New Pornographers and Super Furry Animals combining the complex yet catchy song structures of the Canadian oufit with the grand experimental vision seen from those Welsh wizards particularly in their more recent albums. Also vocally take a drop of David Bowie mix it with some A.C Newman and a dash of Morrisey and you'll have an odd cocktail which might sound like lead singer Joel J. Dahl. So enjoy this music and remember the Breakfast Session is on tommorow morning 8-9am GMT, so make sure to tune in to the best radio show in the universe (and thats scientific fact).

De Novo Dahl-Subject Of The Kill
De Novo Dahl-Market Place

see their MySpace for any details

Maximo Park-A Certain Trigger (go on you know you want to its only about 5 quid used&new)

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