Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Buzzing with excitement

Hooray for our buzz bands, we just get so many and The Wombats are a buzz band (who hail from Liverpool) of the moment with praise raining in from all quarters from Radio 1 to Drowned In Sound, and frankly they deserve it for playing really exciting pop-punk (imagine if the Buzzcocks formed in 2006 and you might be close) with oodles of charm, some seriously catchy and punchy guitars, some keyboard melodies and a sense of madness that at any point of any song they could just start going ape. If you don't know about The Wombats yet you will soon they could well be the Next Big Thing, they are currently touring their guts out across this island here, more details on their MySpace.

The Wombats-Dr Suzanne Mattox

more here

The Wombats shop

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