Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Really very small

Tiny Dancers everyone, heard of them? Well you have now. Not a band that has exactly caught fire on the Blogosphere for some unknown reason, because this band are going to be big (certainly in the UK at least, and maybe to a certain extent in the US being much more difficult to break). They fuse the intensity of folk-rock with the melodic sound of 60's-70's pop (Low meets The Beach Boys perhaps) and bring off a sound of their own into the bargain. The song available to download (for a limited period so get it while its hot and cooling on the proverbial window sill) demonstrates this sound perfectly kicking off with almost tribal drums and building up first with a big guitar melody (taken from the earth itself if you want to get fancy) and then vocals which sound a bit like Brett Anderson, which all build up to a stomach-shaking chorus line. It's a song that grabs you straight away and doesn't let go until four minutes and thirty five seconds later.

Tiny Dancers-20 To 9
hear more at their MySpace

Tiny Dancers-Lions And Tigers And Lions E.P, released 20th November (UK) (US)

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