Monday, November 13, 2006

Not like one of those fake freakshows

Yes they are A Genuine Freakshow, who also happen to be the first band from Reading (where I am currently) , and I've got to be honest I was finding it difficult to find a genuinely good unsigned band to post about today (I've been writing an essay until recently which has played havoc with blog posts, also I've had a cold which hasnt been helpful). They have got an excellent and different sound going on, think shoegaze meets folk in a pressure cooker, or if you can't imagine a group that manages to sound like Mogwai, Bob Dylan and Radiohead sometimes all at the same time and you might be some where there. If you still need some help have a listen to some MP3s.

A Genuine Freakshow - The Horrible Truth
more at MySpace, and their site

Their E.P

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Anonymous said...

yeah, get that ep it's amazing.. and wait up cos i think there's another one on its way...