Monday, February 26, 2007

Classic Video Day-Wait What Do I Throw?

We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives

Its the new song from welsh wonders Los Campesinos! who I posted about back in the heady days of last month and even then I called the buzz surrounding them something of a bandwagon and now NME has waded in to their corner (this was expected, and hopefully it won't destroy this excellent band with an unreasonable amount of hype by which if they don't do a Wyld Stallions its a bit of a let down). Anyway the video has a real almost iconic style about it with the faceless soldiers and the 'Another Brick In The Wall' style marching feet, also the animation is incredibly well-timed with the song. The song itself combines punchy verses and epic chorus parts superbly and with a simple but effective message behind the song providing a insight into the genuine potential of Los Campesinos!.

Los Campesinos!-Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks
Los Campesinos!-Death To Los Campesinos
download video and song and artwork from their official website for free (dude that is truly most excellent)

a Los Campesinos! t-shirt

(thats two Bill & Ted references there too)

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