Monday, February 19, 2007

You'll need to make a memo

Yes its been posted to death all over the blogosphere, but there is a reason for that, its because it is a sublime slice of what looks set to be a must-buy album, it is My Man, My Moon, and for some reason the piano part in it bizarrely reminds me of Empire by Kasabian, however it really is beautifully minamalist and I really can't say enough about it, I will certainly be playing it on my show tommorow. For those of you who don't know Feist, well you probably know one of her songs anyway and that would be Mushaboom, which has featured on a few things on TV, and truly is awesome. Also seeing as this is also 'Classic Video Day' on this blog, I'll post the rather funky video for 'One Evening' where you constantly wish you were the guy in the video, except without the "end in one evening".

oh heck heres some more great Feist videos

and guess what I've just got tickets to see her in Brighton on 16th April, oh yeah I really can't wait.
Go and be Feist's friend, buy 'Let It Die' I insist upon it. 'The Reminder' will be out on April 23rd in the UK (and Rest Of the World), and May 1st in US and Canada.

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the guy = buck 65